5 Tips for a Cool, Stylish (and Easy) Teen Birthday Party

style up teens

Recently we had the pleasure of coordinating and executing a few teen birthday events!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for putting on a successful teen event:

Ask them for their ideas

Newsflash: teens have opinions and their opinions are awesome. OK, sometimes not so much, but if you can get your teen onboard and part of the event planning process from the start it will be a lot more fun and easy!

Start by finding out some of their favorites: colors, food, fashion, music artists or even if they have a certain kind of vibe they’re drawn to for their next event! Have they seen anything online they think looks cool? Do they have a Pinterest board? If any of this sounds overwhelming, you can also send them our way! The events we recently did involved us speaking with the teens directly and soliciting their feedback every step of the way.

Have it outdoors

Parents and caretakers: this note is actually more for YOU then it is for them! Teens can be loud (and adorbs, yes) and other parents may have other comfort levels that you don’t necessarily share. If you have the event outdoors, your house won’t be as noisy for a couple hours and you can also let other parents know that from a safety standpoint, it’s all outdoors. Something everyone feels good about.

Give them a little space and privacy

You have permission to walk away. Go make yourself a coffee, or even pour a glass of wine. Walk away for a little while so teens can feel like this really is an event for them without a grownup hovering over them or listening in to their conversation. They will thank you for it.

Set up a cool lounge area, or if you're comfortable, allow the teens to take a walk together around the block.

Make them feel like adults AND kids

Teen years are a unique space in between being a kid and being a young adult. Honor this special time by paying tribute to both!

Style it up! Make them feel important, adult-like and that this event you’re hosting is a little out of the ordinary and classy. But at the same time, let them head over to the playground. play a game and goof off.

You can do this with the food you choose, the decor, and the activities.

Make it Look Good

Most likely your teen and your teen’s guests will be taking pictures and posting them online. Make it look fabulous, incorporating their desired vibe and style... something your teen will really cherish as an important memory for years to come.

Feeling stuck with planning your teen's event? Let us help!


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