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"The cocktail kits are BEYOND delicious!!! My parents aren't the most adventurous drinkers outside of wine - they couldn't stop saying how good each one was!!!" - Megan R.; Wauwatosa, WI

"Style Up's cocktail kits are so good! Such a fun idea and super tasty! 10/10 would recommend!" - Laura L.; Milwaukee, WI

"If you're looking to elevate your event with the utmost level of customer service, eye to detail + creativity, then look no further. Style Up Group is the real deal + I couldn't recommend them more." - Jen S.; Wauwatosa, WI

"I highly recommend Style Up Group for any of your events! They recently had their spiced hot apple cider pop-up at our outdoor event and it was perfect!" - Kristina M.; Milwaukee, WI

"If you are looking for someone to think of all the details that will make your event stunning. Style Up Group is what you need. Not only do they have the best eye for detail and beauty they are also super talented at organization. I mean, does it get any better! Call them to help with your next event, you can thank me later." - Tierney K.; Milwaukee, WI

"I hired Style Up Group to organize my office, and it was worth every penny! Susannah was professional and efficient. I was able to get work done while she worked to organize my space. The sessions was highly productive, and I am very pleased with the results!" - Margaux C.; Milwaukee, WI

"Style Up Group is amazing...in just 3 hours they helped me clear out and organize my most embarrassing “junk” cabinets/drawers. So helpful having another set of eyes with great tips and tricks for ways to store everyday things more efficiently...Thank You!!!" - Kim W.; Wauwatosa, WI

"I was pleasantly surprised by the first class service and delicious spread Style Up Group recently provided for a Chicago fundraiser! They were warm, welcoming, and attentive to each guest, ensuring our every need was met. I would absolutely recommend their services, you and your guests will have a fantastic event with Style Up!" - Lisa B; Chicago, IL

"We attended an event by Style Up Group and it was the best! Adults and kids had the same amount of fun. Thank you so much!" - Silvia C.; Milwaukee, WI

"We used their services for a 50th Anniversary party last night and they went above and beyond!!! Stylish, friendly and helpful. Was a great touch to the party!!" - Liz Z.; Glendale, WI

"Professional and unique. Style Up Group = high quality, creative, excellent service." - Cris; Milwaukee, WI

"I recommend Style Up Group to anyone who is planning an event or party and wants to have it look fun and creative, but also low stress. They crafted two flawless events in a row for my spouse and I. The first was a bridal shower, decorated beautifully with flowers and accessories completely transforming the little party room where the event was held. There were punny, and themed signs for the food, gifts, and special areas. The second event was an outdoor summer pre-wedding barbecue, which was everything you would imagine one to be, with flags and fun name-tags and sparklers and games and lights. Both events allowed us to fully enjoy ourselves thanks to the incredible planning and hands-on service beforehand and throughout, and to look back and remember fun parties far beyond what we could have thrown ourselves." - Stephanie T.; Chicago, IL

"Professional and experienced. Personalized service and a pleasure to work with!" - Kim M.; Mequon, WI