Best Number of Guests for a Dinner Party

Modern Gaucho

If you’re looking to host a dinner party, usually the guest list is the first thing to consider, even before the meal and theme. That begs the question, what is the best number of guests for a dinner party?

Although you can really have a dinner party for any number of people from just a few guests to a hundred, it’s important to think, “What do I want the experience to be like?”

Smaller events encourage an intimate moment with guests, candid conversation, a real sense of community with everyone at the table. However, larger dinner party events are great for networking, spending time with many social circles at once. Each has its benefits.

As for Style Up Group, our favorite size is eight. And here are eight reasons why eight is great!

1. With eight, you can fit everyone at the table, whether you do four on either side, one on each end and three in the middle or a round setting.

2. You can hear everyone. You don’t need to shout to the end of the table or try to read lips from across the room.

3. A table for eight simply looks gorgeous. There’s just something about that perfectly filled table that we love.

4. It’s totally doable. By now you know that Style Up is all about making events easier, more stylish and more fun! We’ll gladly take on any size event for you. However, when our clients do the event entertaining all by themselves, we certainly feel that smaller is better. It’s less to prep, less to cook, more to enjoy.

5. You can rent the tablescape from us and have us do the dishes too. Ok, so this is really two reasons why eight is great. That really only leaves you to do the cooking! (And if you want us to handle that too, we can with our curated list of wonderful caterers 😊)

6. Preparing a meal for fewer people means you can really Style Up the menu! You have a bit more to work with in terms of time and money when you keep the group small. Splurge a little, serve multiple courses, or get a special dessert.

7. An even number means no one’s left out, but that doesn't mean you're limited to only inviting couples. A nice dinner party can be amongst coworkers, girlfriends, family or neighbors.

8. Your guests will remember the night when the experience is for eight. They will remember how beautiful the table looked, how delicious the meal was, how thoughtful the host was.

We hope you’ll give our table setting kits a whirl for your next party!

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