How to Get Your Guests Out of the Kitchen


If you're like us, you love checking out new event venues and restaurants and taking in all that the city of Milwaukee has to offer.

And if you're like us even more, you also enjoy entertaining at home and creating memorable events for those you love. If you've done your fair share of entertaining, have you ever noticed that guests always seem to convene in the kitchen? Why is that? Even if the living room looks great with ample seating, even if you put candles and appetizers out in another room, for some reason people are always standing around in the kitchen. This can be fun with all the noise and chatter, but for some hosts, it can be a little stressful with so many people crowding up your work area.

Well we have a solution! This is one of the unconventional reasons that the Style Up Mobile Event Space should be at your next party!

Our mobile event space is literally like a mini kitchen and bar. In fact, we’ll help you customize your pop up package depending on your entertaining needs. We've found that once you bring gorgeous counter space, music, drinks, friendly bartenders and basically a whole pop up party to your driveway or backyard, suddenly the kitchen chaos isn’t such a thing! Hosts can relax and do what they do best, and guests are happy to be cared for with an inviting set up outside.

We'd love to help you design the event of your dreams!  Stay tuned for photos of our mobile bar in action at a milestone event this weekend!