Why we love realtors (and why they love us too)

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The Feeling is Mutual...

Real estate agents usually present their buyers with a closing gift to say thank you. Many times, the gift is an item for the home such as a nice cutting board, set of coasters and glasses or a new throw blanket. While tangible gifts can be beautiful, we have found that clients truly appreciate professional organizing help while getting settled into a new home.

But before we even get to the point of closing gift, there are lots of other opportunities where we can work together in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Our goal as professional organizers is to make sure our clients are happy... and that's not just the end client, it is also the real estate agent. 

So what does a real estate agent and professional organizer partnership look like?

There are many different services that Style Up Group offers that benefits realtors. Staging with existing furniture is one of our most favorite tasks with getting a home ready. We have an eye for what prospective buyers want to see; decluttering and making it "Instagram ready" enables a potential buyer to view the property as their own.

At Style Up Group we also love to remind realtors that we can help with relocation services. This is KEY. There aren't many people out there who enjoy the process of packing, boxing, moving and unpacking and all of the organization and logistics that go with it. But at Style Up Group... we certainly do!

We're always systematic in our approach and since we're professional organizers, you won't find random boxes of tupperware, dog toys and a keyboard.

So you can see the realtor and professional organizer relationship is a mutually beneficial one! Contact us today to schedule a complimentary meeting or consultation.


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